Desert Bus for Hope!

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As many of you know already (assuming you follow my social media) I have been a long time supporter of Desert Bus and Craft'a'long contributor for the past three. This year of course is no different and I have two lovely one of a kind super limited edition items available this year through the fine folks at Desert Bus for Hope

The first is a silent auction item, which will be available for bidding on during (TIME TO BE DETERMINED), is a DBX Limited Edition (edition of 1) Dice box made of desert ironwood to celebrate Desert Bus's deserty nature.


The second is a giveaway item that will appear as part of a contest at some time during the run. It is a custom bug splat token holding token box, made out of flame boxelder with cherry and oak tokens.


Both of these items have been donated to help raise funds for Child's Play Charity

Desert Bus is only a few days away so make sure to tune in and I'll keep you posted on when my items go live!

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