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In an effort to be less of a sporadic night hermit and to actually give a heads up when I am doing stuff I introduce... ah... this thing here. A blog! (of sorts) where I maybe share some things and also let you know whats going on and sometimes a glimpse of the magic behind the scenes. 


So whats coming up? You may ask. Or should to support my premise of telling you. Well first up I am having a shop sale! Which may or may not be also secretly a fire sale... the kind where I actually burn whatever doesn't sell in a very real and not figurative fire. 

WHY? You gasp, incredulous. 

Well I have a fair bit of stock of pieces that just hung out in the shop too long, never made it to the shop, or had minor things that bug me like a tiny bit of screw thread visible through a piece of resin. 

Perfectly good stuff, I just don't want to store it anymore and short of burying it in the desert somewhere I thought I would do a blindbag sale! 

$25 bucks gets you 1 piece of jewelry from a large lot and free shipping (domestic) no questions asked. I won't know what you got and you won't know what you got until you get it. 

Besides inventory reasons, I also spent a fair bit of $$$ getting ready for upcoming event numero two-o Rose City Comic Convention !!

I am doing a thing! Nicole and I grabbed a booth space that we are going to be running our shops out of, Nicole is an old hat at these things but I am a fresh babe so there were quite a few things I needed to gear up for my first merchant experience in "the wilds." 

Anywho I am super excited to be tabling at RCCC and would love it if you stopped by, talked magic, and shop a bit. 

I also have some super cool witch lady friends that will helping me table should I need to apparate for a bit. You should talk to them too they are C O N S I D E R A B L Y cooler than me. 


Lets see. Summer Sale RCCC... oh yes Halloween. That most wonderful time of the year. 


We are cooking up some pretty cool stuff for halloween, dark pendant collabs with Nimasprout more wands, maybe some new products. Who knows? Me. Kind of. You'll see more soon.


And after Halloween we are in Darkmastide also known as "The Holidays" AKA Saturnalia, the BIG GIFT. I want to do ornaments again based on constellations... but I think that I'm going to be doing a pre-order deal that will probably open up in November and end early in Dec. With all orders due to go out in time to arrive for the big 2 5 th of December. 


Stay tuned and follow me on the twitter and/or instagram for mostly dog and food pictures but also witch things and stuff. 

✨Galdre✨     🌙Galdrecraft

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