Artifact - Celestial Spirit Board and Planchette


23.75" x 12" x 2.75" Sapele with black palm and wenge accents spirit board. 

This handsome artifact hearkens to the birth of the modern spirit or talking board as a parlor game for the upper class. Its minimalist accents of exotic hardwoods tell of a time when science and mysticism intermingled in closed societal circles. 

The Celestial Spirit Board has been crafted with glyphs to answer a number of questions. Yes, No, Uncertain, 26 latin characters, the numbers 0-9, and the lunar phases. It also includes procedural glyphs for the waking and closing of the eye with hello and goodbye. 

The inlays are all crushed amethyst and obsidian mixed with some flecks of silver. As a companion piece the Celestial Spirit Board comes with a Granadillo planchette itself inlayed with crushed obsidian and a solid cast glass magnifying oculus. The planchette has an optional to use oculus light which aids in reading the board in low light situations. 

Whatever your inclination, whether powered by spirits or ideomotor phenomenon this artifact makes for a grand statement in any spiritualist, occult, or curio collection.

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