Desktop Artists Chest - Figured Myrtlewood

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5"x10"x10" Myrtle Artists Chest

This chest is entirely made of solid figured myrtlewood and features 4 removable drawers and two supply nooks. Each of the three bottom shelves is approx 4.5x8.5x1.75 and can hold a variety of materials such as but not limited too, pencils of various types, brushes, paints, copic markers, regular markers, pastels, charcoal etc. The two small supply nooks are perfect for an oversized bottle of paint or two and the center top drawer is ideal for smaller items, extra nibs, lead, erasers, washi tape, etc. A labor of love inspired and informed by our own resident artist Nimasprout (Nicole Gustafsson). 

 *note* This item is heavy its perhaps one of the heaviest things I've made coming in around 6 pounds before packaging, please understand and allow for the extra fees associated with shipping an item such as this*

Art Materials are not included, I would get in trouble.

Branded  with C.M. Galdre's makers mark.