Tarot Deck Box- Lunar Guidance - Padauk


4.5" x 6.75" x 2" Padauk Tarot Card Deck Box

"Life changes as frequently and as regularly as the phases of the moon, for those seeking solace in regular change, let the moon be your guide"

The interior has been milled to 180mm x 140mm and 17mm of depth on each side for a total of 34mm space. 

Easily fits a standard 120mm x 171mm tarot deck with space to spare for a wrap or bag, or a variety of larger and oversized format cards.

Solid brass hinge and catch ensures a solid long lasting closure. 

Edges have been chamfered to create a clean minimalist look. The inlay is a mix of of cold powder and crushed obsidian.

This piece has been "signed" with C.M. Galdre's makers mark, the moon over the mountain.

*Tarot Decks not included (Standard Tarot Deck: Light Grey Tarot - from Light Grey Art Labs, Oversized Tarot Deck: The Skeleton Tarot by Cat Rocketship.