Hardwood Bonbon Dice Box - Maple and Hickory - Prototype Box

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5.5" x 5.5" x 2.75" Hardwood Dice box with hardwood sectional inset box with cork padding. 

Everybody wants to eat the sparkling math cubes and here at Galdrecraft we have taken it to another level with this Bonbon treat style box for your dice or jewelry. This box is designed after historic softwood treat boxes that delicious confections came in prior to the invention and adoption of cardboard. Those boxes of yore were meant to be temporary but our hardwood dicebox is made to last. 

Interior sectional tray is cork lined to protect your dice and the box bottom from damage when putting them away. The entire section tray comes out and allows the outer box, which has also been cork lined, to be used as a dice rolling tray.

Need more room for dice or mini's? There are two dividers that can be removed to create a longer/taller area. 

All hardwood construction means this is a hefty little number that is sure to bring you years of service and inspire the envy of others. 

 *This product has a reduced price to reflect that it is the prototype we built as a proof on concept and has a few visual defects, but is still a very nice box*


*Pictured dice, crystals, marbles, etc are props only and not included