Made to Order will return when we get a restock of Lumber, current lumber stock is all earmarked for projects. Watch this space or our twitter account @Galdrecraft for when Made-To-Order will be available again. 

Along side our regular workflow we are opening up a set number of made-to-order spots where you can configure the product you want based on our available supplies and what woods work best for items offered. 

We will expand our inventory of items available for Made-To-Order as we solidify designs and options. If you don't see a product, were probably just not ready to offer it here yet!

If you don't see any listings below its because all spots are taken! Check back in 2-3 weeks or check for announcements. 

Made-to-Order items will ship in 2-3 Weeks of check-out. 

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.