Moderate Apotropaic Charms

This collection of Foils, Traps, and Meshes are larger than previous offerings and have been adorned with another form of ward, the ring tassel. The tassel ads the addition of making the charm more noticeable to malignant forces through movement and vaguely human shape, the rings make up the oldest apotropaic mark, the circle. Ranging from 2"-3" inches wide and 3"-8" inches tall and made of a variety of hardwoods these charms can adorn your home and ward off misfortune without the need to carve into your homes structure. 


About the overall collection

Apotropaic marks, sometimes called "witch marks" are ancient and modern symbols used to ward away evil. Most often they are encountered as symbols carved into roofbeams, mantels, doorways, and windows to keep foul spirits and misfortune from befalling a structure. This is a collection of reproduction apotropaic marks found primarily in formerly proto-celt and celtic nations from what is now the UK, Ireland, France, and Germany. I chose to only reproduce marks of pre-Christian origin whose use and meaning were passed down well into the 19th century.  The use of spirals, knots, weaves, and interconnecting shapes have long been associated as symbols of protection stemming from the belief that evil spirits, ghosts, and devils and what have you become mesmerized by the continuous lines and as such they act as both ward and trap against misfortune. 

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