This is a collection of Pre-Order items for Spring Delivery for various bee nesting habitats. We cannot guarantee your product will arrive for your exact bee emergence season but we will do our best! Pre-Order Period ends Jan 31st. With ongoing construction as soon as the first few orders come in with February being primary construction and start of fulfillment with remaining fulfillment ending in March.

Please be aware that these are all large wood boxes. They will cost money to ship b/c they are appropriately sized for various native bee species. 

Need help finding which box is right for you? 


Generally speaking if you want to try your hand at settling in some bumble bees, you want the bumble bee hall, if you want cavity nesting bees you are looking for the two mason bee options.

If I get too many pre-orders than I can fulfill in spring before the Pre-Order period ends I'll update the listing to acknowledge end product may arrive after current bee season. I'm just one person doing my best for you and the bees and this is my first time trying something like this on shopify. Thanks!