Tarot Deck Box- The Skewered Eye - Maple

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4.5" x 6.75" x 2" Maple Tarot Card Deck Box

Inlaid with a glyph of Galdre's own make "the skewered eye" sometimes an attempt to block your sight reveals things all the more clearly.

The interior has been milled to 180mm x 140mm and 17mm of depth on each side for a total of 34mm space. 

Easily fits a standard 120mm x 171mm tarot deck with space to spare for a wrap or bag, or a variety of larger and oversized format cards.

Solid brass hinge and catch ensures a solid long lasting closure. 

This piece has been "signed" with C.M. Galdre's makers mark, the moon over the mountain.
*Tarot Decks not included Oversized Tarot Deck: The Skeleton Tarot by Cat Rocketship.