Thieves Coins (Limited Run)

For this series of coins, each is cast using a temporary fine clay mold (Petrobond)

The Master is placed in compressed clay inside a metal ring and powdered with talc to aid in release

A second ring is added to the top and also filled with compressed clay, when they are pulled apart and the master is removed you have the negative image you are going to cast

after adding some venting holes for escaping gas and an intake for material, liquid hot pewter is poured into the intake

the pewter fills in the negative image to create your piece with some bits of flash around the seam, the intake, and the gas vents that need to be filed later. 

depending on the quality of the  clay and your desired final result you may now file and sand the casting to its desired state. 


For this series I chose to file off the flash and rough polish the edges leaving some scratches and the faces alone to highlight the casting method and enhance their antique look