Wanderer's Wayfinder - Zebrawood and White Bronze

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4"x4"x2" Zebrawood box with white bronze (copper Britannia alloy) pendulum and pendant on a stainless steel chain, and natural cotton block printed fabric. 

Pendulum divination or Pendulum Dowsing is an ancient and multicultural divination practice where a pendulum is held either on its own with simple yes-no questions or with a guiding material such as a map, board, or cloth with symbols to aid in reading the meaning of the pendulums movement. 

The Wanderer's Wayfinder is a complete pendulum divination kit that builds on the practice of using a pendulum with a spirit board or similar. Our personal view is that any divination practice allows the subconscious to bring forth answers to our questions, a means of exploring the self and with our Wayfinder kit that view continues. 

The pendulum and pendant are original designs by C.M. Galdre cast of solid pewter using the delft-clay method and roughly cleaned up. The character of the cast work is part of the charm and uniqueness of this pendant and pendulum set. 

The divining cloth is 12"x12" and block printed with fabric inks on cotton cloth, cut, hemmed, and printed by the artist. 

The symbiology is meant to be esoteric the only guide is that the null eye symbol Cen uses in their work is always considered to be a neutralizing glyph, a neutral start, a neutral end. 

There are many guides to pendulum divination and how to prepare ones materials, and whatever method of attunement and cleansing is up to you. Sunlight cleansing is not advised for any wood product as it can damage the finish and color of the wood. 

The method of divining with this kit is simple, set the cloth out on a flat surface and rest whichever arm you will hold the pendulum with on the same surface with your elbow on the surface and your hand held above it. Hold the pendulum by the pendant on the opposite side of the chain and let it dangle over the null eye glyph. Clear your mind and ask your question. There are many ways to read how the pendulum swings and we leave your interpretation up to you, (do only upswings matter or the return swing? both? does the swinging not matter and ultimately its only when the pendulum graces the surface?) Wherever you end up, we hope you find the answers you seek with the Wanderer's Wayfinder.