Product Care

Product Care

The following are some guidelines for how best to care for your Galdrecraft hardwood products. 

Unless otherwise noted all Galdrecraft hardwood products are finished using pure tung oil, a traditional and old world hardening oil which provides a beautiful water-resistant finish with the proper care. 

Wood products finished with tung oil should be given a polish every few months using any premium beeswax based wood polish and/or wood cleaner/polish mix. We liked to use Daddy Van's natural beeswax polish. 

Use a dust free cloth or paper towel to apply the polish evenly over the product and then use subsequent clean towels or dust free cloth to remove excess. 

The frequency you'll need to polish will go down as the finish matures with subsequent polishing. 

For light scratches or dents less than 1mm use sandpaper to buff out the blemish and smooth the wood starting with a 100 grit and ending with a 400 or 600 grit. You may then apply either tung or other hardening oil like walnut oil to the buffed surface. Allow it to set for an hour and then wipe off the excess. 

For larger blemishes or other issues please contact galdre(at)galdrecraft(dot)com for guidance. Please include pictures in your email.