1lb Box of Walnut Chunks

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Photos are Examples of approx. size (1lb) and variety of Walnut Chunks. 

Do you need chunks of wood with natural bark, splintered ends, and rough cuts for your various creative needs? Don't have a wood working friend? I can be your friend, friend, b/c I have many delicious chunks of walnut cut off of the many boards I am working on. I stash them away like I'm going to use them to make things some day, but friends the piles keep growing and it is perhaps best to pass such bounty on to others. There will always be wood chunks in my woodshop. 

What you get: 1 lb of mixed 100% organic free range walnut chunks. Some pieces may have bark, some may be splintered or even spalted, maybe even bug tunneled (bugs not included, they die off during kiln drying at the lumber mill).

Great for resin work, small carvings, etc. 

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