Autumn Ritual Kit 2020


A handmade set of rituals in a hardwood 4x3x6 spalted maple and walnut box 

Each kit contains the following


Gift for Ravens

Included in this kit is a dead mouse drawstring pouch, this is the gift for ravens. To use please open mouse pouch and remove contents. Inside there is a bag of organic sunflower seeds home grown and dried by Cen. Seeds should be scattered to feeding ravens, or left upon a perch for them. The bag should not be given to the birds as threads and spun fibers are not safe for birds. 

Gift for Fire

Included in this kit are two wood rectangular cuboids sealed with wax and wrapped in paper, these are the gift for Fire. To use please toss entire cuboid into an active outdoor recreational fire for a bright green colored flame. Please keep cool, dry, and away from ignition sources when not in use. 

Gift of Fate

Included in this kit is a cast pewter acorn pendulum and divining cloth. Similar in use to a Spirit Board the pendulum is swung gently over the diving cloth until it is drawn to one of the many symbols  and lands coming to a stop. Whether the acorns point or the body itself is the indicator depends on your personal interpretation. Divining cloth is approx 12x12 with block printed design on the black canvas side. Divining cloth is backed with a rugged orange fabric.  The cast pewter acorn is delft clay cast from a live acorn found this season by Cen's partner in crime Nimasprout.

Gift for the Dead

Included in this kit is one hardwood triangle tray and a packet which contains a mix of salt and lavender from Cen's garden. To use place the salt and lavender mix into the triangle vessel and place either in an area of the home to honor a member of the dead, atop a grave or gravestone, or on Halloween or similar spirit nights place it upon your doorstep. 


We hope you enjoy these kits as much as Cen enjoys putting them together.