Cauldron Spoon - Hickory


18" Solid hickory kitchen spoon

Designed with modern stock pots in mind the Cauldron Spoon is a long handled square nosed spoon designed for stirring, scraping, and sampling big pot soups. 

Its ample length allows you to stir oven bake stews without having to remove them from the oven, reach the bottom of your stock pot with ease, and work more comfortably over campfires and other variable heat sources. 

Hickory is a strong food safe hardwood used in traditional American wooden cookware for its long life and durability. 

The boxy spoon head is excellent for de-glazing your pots to get all those savory caramelized bits worked back into your mix. Flat angled sides perform the same function on the walls of your pot and the rounded edges ensure you don't scrape your cookware. 

The back of the spoon is beveled for minimum contact when resting on a plate and the heavy nob on the end keeps the handle itself from resting on counters and helps keep the spoon from being lost in the sauce or broth should you let it rest for a moment. 

Each spoon is hand carved, sanded, wet sanded, and finished with a food safe non-toxic finish.