Deck of Ancestral Vision - Tarot Deck Box - Black Limba


4"X6"X1.85" Black Limba Tarot deck box
Hand rubbed tung oil and beeswax finish.

It is said you can tell the life a creature lives by their eyes. What is the story your eyes tell?

This handmade tarot box features brass finish fixtures and is suitable to fit any standard sized 70 mm x 120 mm tarot deck. The outside of the box has been polished with tung oil and beeswax for a long lasting natural finish that is pleasant to the touch, interior is also finished with tung oil to seal the wood but left with slightly more rough texture to prevent card sticking. All brass hinges and a brass fishhook clasp will ensure this box lasts the test of time. 

Inlay is high quality epoxy resin with mica inclusions. 


This piece has been "signed" with C.M. Galdre's makers mark, the moon over the mountain.