Hardwood Pan Scraper

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Hardwood pan scrapers of various sizes. These handy little hunks of wood have been tapered, beveled, and rounded to create a variety of edges for a single simple purpose... to clean cooking pans. Especially useful for cleaning cast iron cookware without scouring off the all important carbonized oil that keeps them relatively non-stick. Avoid scrapes caused by metal utensils and keep your premium wood ones looking their best by using a hardwood pan scraper today! 

Clean with dishsoap and water after use and let dry. 

When it starts to lose its protective finish just give it a soak in some mineral oil and then buff off the excess with paper towels. 

After years of use, when it finally reaches the point of no return, toss it, compost it, or burn it. Wherever it ends up it will break down relatively quickly when compared to plastic.