Mini Nesting Moons Tray Set - Shedua


4" x 4" x .7" Shedua Trinket/Apothecary Tray

The moon has been our most constant companion. Dark or bright, its phases have guided us through the centuries

A perfect way to organize your sacred space and celebrate our closest celestial body.

This pieces combines two trays, one crescent, one circle, which may be nested or arranged in any manner you wish. 

Shedua, bane of my router bits, why do I keep coming back for more... is it that dark patterned grain or something more... 

This trinket tray features some unique beveling and irregularities from being heavily reshaped after the rough was spat out of the router as a small angry tormented piece of wood. Its a trooper though, a tough little wood piece that will probably be around long after my bones are dust. You win again shedua.