Planchette of the Trium Blade - Walnut with Aqua Glow and Bocote Inlay


3.75" x 5.75" Walnut planchette with bocote inlay,aqua glow accent, and brass feet. 1" diameter viewing glass. Hand rubbed tung oil finish with natural bees wax polish. 

This full sized planchette has been designed to work with most existing spirit boards including Ouija and others. Its durable brass feet will glide over most surfaces without damaging them, but are sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Thick quarter inch glass offers a slight magnification of the surface below it and is held in with sturdy bocote inlays on both the top and bottom of the board. Carved from premium 3/4th inch walnut, the end depth of the board is a little over 1/2 inches and offers a premium planchette experience. This piece will age beautifully.


The Trium Blade sect of diviners take a practical approach to their scrying. A blade to guard against memories of the past and wicked spirits lost, a blade for the present to guard against dark thoughts from within, and a blade for the future to guard against that which has yet to be.


*glow resin charges under UV light both natural and artificial*