PRE-ORDER Mason Bee Border Fort SPRING 2021



NOTE: This is a Pre-Order Item and will ship after construction is completed. Pre-Order Runs till Jan 31st 2021. Orders will be completed and shipped in February 2021. Mason Bee Emergence and Nesting season runs typically March-May depending on your region. This Kit does not include any Mason Bee Cocoons as we wish to support your local fauna and native bee keepers. Adoption of the nest holes is not guaranteed. 

Mason Bee Border Fort Base Purchase Includes

1  x Juniper Mason Bee Box (4.5" x 8" x 7.25")

4 x [Alder or similar] Hardwood Mini Mason Bee Trays (1/2" x 3" x7")

2 x HDPE lock bars and locking pins

1 x Mounting Kit

1 x Instructions and Info Pamphlet


Optional Extras

3 x [Alder or similar] Hardwood Mason Bee Trays (1/2" x 6" x7") +$8

1 x [Alder or similar] Hardwood Emergence Box +$10


I love bees, and in the interest of helping support native bee ecology, and after researching existing native bee homes on the market I wanted to offer my own handcrafted take on mason and native bee nest house. 

This listing is for my largest offering for Mason and Leafcutter Bees with the base house unit and 4 reusable nesting trays. Each .5"x3"x7" nesting tray has five half tubes carved into the top and bottom of the wood piece that when stacked create standard 5/16 (8mm) nesting holes. The base set of four trays provides 15 nesting spaces. The benefit of our nesting tray design is that there is an extra inch of tray which we use to make the nesting holes a little longer than the minimum 6" but also provides room for the sealed end cap and locking bar system of our nest box. Most other nesting trays on the market are either too short, or require an additional cardboard or similar back support as nesting bees will generally want that end capped off. The locking bar channel of our design allows you to set up your trays, and then lock them into place so they don't move out of alignment or fall out of the box. Mini Mason Bee Trays are compatible with our larger Mason Bee Manor if you decide to upgrade at some point, placing two mini trays side by side creates one standard tray. 

The base box will have an empty gap at the top, but trays will still remain secure b/c of the bar system. You can then fill that space with grass or bamboo reeds for a variety of other nesting media, or you can purchase the additional tray bundle which adds an extra three trays and 15 nest spots, for a total of 30 nesting tubes! 

Reusable trays allow you to safely remove viable mason bee cocoons for storage, and clean the trays for next year (Instructions will be provided). The following spring you can either place the cocoons back into the tubes, put them in a small container with a 5/16" hole to emerge from, or purchase the add on emergence chamber which gives you a hardwood box with the proper hole size already provided. 

Another benefit of our nest box is the included mounting system. Most nests on the market are designed to be hung, or secured with a screw which reduces long term reusability and security of the nest box. Our nest box design will include predrilled holes, supports, washers and bolt for secure mounting. Mounting screws will not be included as they depend on what structure you are securing your nest box too, but instructions will be included on what size to get and common mounting options.

Trays included will be untreated but the exterior of our nest box will be treated with an eco-friendly non-toxic sealer to extend product life. 

Juniper is a highly decay resistant wood similar to cedar with a higher density and a mild insect resistance, where cedar can drive away bees, juniper seems to primarily disturb the mites that try to prey on bees. 

Alder is the planned hardwood for the trays and is an affordable non-toxic hardwood commonly used for bee nesting trays. 



Please understand that since this is a PRE-ORDER item and a first year design, some elements may change during construction, but they should be relatively minor and you will be notified. Colors represented in the images are only used to highlight different parts of the product. Updated product images using the final materials will be provided as initial boxes are constructed.

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