Ritual Grounding Kit (Midsummer 2020)


A limited run of five Ritual Grounding Kits

These kits are a special item from me (Cen) to y'all (you all) to both share the fruits of my garden labors and to assist you to establish your own grounding rituals or enhance rituals you may already have. These were made with the Summer Equinox in mind, to begin a new season centered and grounded. Outside of the herbal elements how you use the items in this kit are up to you. (ok back to 3rd person post voice)...

Each kit is contained within a handmade raw juniper box and sealed with a black velvet ribbon and wax seal. 

The contents are as follows:

1 x Purple Sage Smudge

Homegrown sage from Cen's own garden. Collected dried and bound with intention to keep you grounded.

1 x Silver/Prairie Sage Smudge

Another sage from Cen's garden, collected during bloom (may drop a few seeds...), bound with intention to let your mind be free.

1 x Fresh-ground Herbal Grounding Mix

A mixture of silver anouk spanish lavender leaves and english lavender buds with clove. The lavenders are from Cen's garden and much beloved by bees. To be used as a herbal floorwash, loose incense, or added to a ritual bath.

1 x Lock and Crescent Kwanzan Cherry Token

This handmade token depicts a key beneath a crescent moon, its meaning and use comes from your intention. It is made from salvaged wood from Cen's beloved kwanzan cherry trees that stand in front of their house.

1 x Bag of Treasures

A handmade bag by Cen which contains treasures gathered by them-self or their partner Nicole (aka Nimasprout).

Each bag contains 

A smooth tumbled stone, gathered, tumbled and polished by Cen.

An acorn gathered by Nicole on one of her wandering walks. 

A wax sealed bottle of black sand gathered from the beaches of Cape Disappointment

A wax sealed bottle with fragments of emeralds Cen chipped out of emerald ore 

A sea shell gathered by Nicole from Canon Beach

A Turkey Tail Mushroom foraged and dried by Cen found growing in their garden.